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Our staff consists of professionals such as BACB Board - Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Registered Behavioral Technicians, QABA Board- Qualified Autism Services Practitioner Supervisors, ABA Technicians and Texas Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, with bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees in psychology, education, and counseling. Our staff has over 20 years of combined experience working with children and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Substance use disorders. 

We have therapists that speak fluently in both English and Spanish.

Our ABA Team

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Erica Jimenez
QABA Board - QASP-Supervisor
BCBA/QBA Candidate




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Johnny R. Ybarra

 CEO & Owner

 M.S., Psy. D Candidate




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Shay Denise Bivins
BCBA Supervisor




Mauro Lopez




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 Sergio Gonzalez
Clinical Director

  QABA Board - QBA, LBA,

Certified Autism Specialist

   M.S / Ph.D. Candidate

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Jozy Silva
QABA Board - Lead ABA Technician




Megan May
BCBA Supervisor




ABA Therapy San Antonio, Autism Therapy, ABA Center Texas
Our Offerings

Our team of professionals  use various  behavior  analytical  approaches such as  Discrete Trial Training, Natural Environment  Teaching  and Verbal  Behavior along with other ABA methods, geared towards helping individuals with autism and other disabilities.  

ABA San Antonio, Autism Treatment San Antonio, ABA Tricare East, Behavior Therapy San Antonio
Our Mission

The Behavioral Support Center will aim to support individuals diagnosed with autism and other behavioral challenges such as problems with alcohol and drug use in order to help promote independence, social skills, generalization of acquired skills across all environments, and a positive quality of life.


ABA San Antonio, Autism Therapy San Antonio
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